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Unfortunately, today is my birthday!

Today, I'm 26 years old. I'm getting older & doing nothing in my life. Yes, I'm stuck! Not because I've nothing in my mind but because I have no money. I know money is not everything, we can choose to live obscure or trivial life without success & money, but there's no success without money. Moral support is one thing which I'm getting from my near & dear ones, but financial support is a rare thing which is very hard to get even when there are rich people are still around us. Since I was 20, I have so many ideas for unique start-ups, variety of stories to make films, business models which can change the world. We need mind to make ideas, but we've made this world where we need money to make money. That's why rich are becoming richer & poor are getting more poor. Money has become everything, even more important than someone's life. I've heard, that in some foreign country, when people tell others what she/he is doing in life, oth…
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War is a key to the power, but peace = prosperity!

What if I say, the below mentioned are various wings of Congress...
BJP is a fanatic Brahminical wing,
AAP is a moderate wing,
NCP is a Maratha wing,
RPI (Athawle) is a Dalit wing,
ShivSena & MNS is a regional communal wing.

The reason I suspect this is because Congress ruled for almost 60 years, they never banned RSS & now they're yelling against it.
None of these demanded ban on RSS.
The condition of Dalits & Muslims in their regimes remained degraded & persecuted.
Amongst OBCs & some other castes, only those are in good condition who conform to their Hindutva ideology.
Fake drama of developments are done only when elections comes closer. On the other hand, we've seen riots to polarize votes.
These mainstream politicians just speak against terrorism & naxalism but end up making profits for weapon manufacturers.

There are lot of other things which happens in similar way under these regimes. Not a single person took a revolutionary step to change this …

Court movie song lyrics

अरे दादा, दादा रे... भले दादा... (Chorus + lead) अरे रान रान रान, चला उठवू सारे रान रे...
(Chorus ⬇️) जाण जाण जाण  जहरी दुष्मनाला जाण रे हे हे हे हे हे हे हे.
कठीण आला काळ, मातीशी तुटे नाळ, युगाचा अंध खेळ, डोळेच केले गहाळ. सावात दिसे चोर, घुबडात दिसे मोर, लहानात दिसे थोर, थोरात दिसे पोर.
अरे भले भले भुलले, भलतेच गाती गान रे... (Chorus) दुस्मान (हे हे), दुस्मान (हे हे), दुस्मान सर्वनाश, तरी गुणगान रे...
जाण जाण जाण  जहरी दुष्मनाला जाण रे हे हे हे हे हे हे हे.
सैतान काळा गोरा, चिमटीत जीव कोरा, रंगाचा करी मारा, मरणाचा चढे पारा, रंगाचा खेळ खेळी, कोरतो भेद भाळी, मानव हे उभे जाळी, जाळ्यात माय होळी.
अरारारारा हा!
हे रंग रंग रे, आहा! (Chorus) भंग भंग रे, आहा! (Chorus) भंग भंग रे...
(Chorus ⬇️) रंगून भंगले, भंगुन दंगले, दंगुन गुंगले, गुंगून दंगले.
ही निबीड जंगले, आहा! (Chorus) जंग जंगले, आहा! (Chorus) जंग जंगले...
(Chorus ⬇️) धर्माची जंगले, जातीची जंगले, वंशाची जंगले, देशाची जंगले. अरारारारा हा!
या कत्तलीच्या राती, हरपून गेले भान रे... (Chorus)
अरे पोळले,  हे हे! (chorus) पोळले... …

End of ideology or the consolidation of ideology...

Since few years back, "end of ideology" is the term mostly used by the social activists and intellectuals of this country to depict the compromise in terms of one's own ideology. When many of the politicians as well as social workers are turning to the regressive parties from their former organizations, anyone might think that they're distancing themselves from their own beliefs.
Firstly, we'll understand the ideology of the majority population of the the Hindus in India. As a result of religion and their orthodox beliefs, we know that most of them are the followers of varnashrama & caste system, which is the base of Hinduism. The sacred books of Hinduism preaches patriarchy, conspiracy & violence, which they call it as spirituality. Even if a modern Hindu person, who have embraced the western culture for his/her lifestyle, will not leave behind his so called tradition. The root cause of this issue is an act / culture / teachings / beliefs of "not q…

Hatred in the belly

Those men & women who ignore the #AmbedkarJayanti or do not acknowledge it are the real casteist people. Likes & shares are just the matter of support & endorsement which is a result of your psychology; those who do not bother to place anything on their walls regarding #BabasahebAmbedkar should introspect their mentality & ask their parents too that what is the reason of their upliftment, development, convenience, accommodation, privileges, luxury & most importantly the rights in their personal, educational & social life, their jobs, businesses. Ask yourself about the freedom you got. If you find it hard, leave the list of #DrAmbedkar's contributions like the RBI, PF, DA, 8 hours work limit, recognition of trade unions, legal strike act, Maternity leave & rights in family property for women, right to divorce & guardianship, equal pay for men & women, building dams & planning the irrigation, water & electricity management for future Indi…

Happy Explosive Festival

I'm having a feeling that I live in some terrorist occupied city. Everywhere bombs are exploding, experiencing breathing issues due to air pollution as I've also suffered from chronic sinusitis, many of us have started blood pressure issues due to noise pollution. Some retards are bursting bombs at every dawn around 5 o'clock everywhere. Yesterday, I was in sleep at around 5:30am dreaming something horror & suddenly a bomb explodes in front of my house! I woke up in panic & my heart was beating extremely fast at abnormal rate like I'm suffering from tachycardia. When I went in my balcony, a 28-year-old stupid boy was 'enjoying the explosions' alone. I think we, i.e. our social workers, environmental activists, politicians & everyone have failed in creating awareness in society about the pollution, harm, stress, etc. in festivals like diwali. Plus, some senseless people are creating a culture of bursting crackers in early morning, when others are s…


We have many philosophies in the world to embrace. We know philosophers who are known for their precious thoughts of liberty which are globally accepted. From Lord Buddha to Socrates, Lao Tzu & Confucius to Friedrich Nietzsche, Karl Marx to Che Guevara & Fidel Castro, Abraham Lincoln to Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela to Dr. B.R. Ambedkar; each and every part of the world, whether it is America, Africa, Europe or Asia have its own culture which is different from each other but there is a common thing concerned everywhere which is called Freedom. 
In today’s developed world, we see that thinking process of each individual is unique in its own way. May be it is an impact of the interpretation of various philosophies. Also there are many fabrications took place in the name of religion which created aggressive intolerance in the minds of the impuissant people which led to craven bifurcation of communities. There are two major sects in each community, i.e. orthodox and progress…