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Happy Explosive Festival

I'm having a feeling that I live in some terrorist occupied city. Everywhere bombs are exploding, experiencing breathing issues due to air pollution as I've also suffered from chronic sinusitis, many of us have started blood pressure issues due to noise pollution. Some retards are bursting bombs at every dawn around 5 o'clock everywhere. Yesterday, I was in sleep at around 5:30am dreaming something horror & suddenly a bomb explodes in front of my house! I woke up in panic & my heart was beating extremely fast at abnormal rate like I'm suffering from tachycardia. When I went in my balcony, a 28-year-old stupid boy was 'enjoying the explosions' alone. I think we, i.e. our social workers, environmental activists, politicians & everyone have failed in creating awareness in society about the pollution, harm, stress, etc. in festivals like diwali. Plus, some senseless people are creating a culture of bursting crackers in early morning, when others are s…