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Hatred in the belly

Those men & women who ignore the #AmbedkarJayanti or do not acknowledge it are the real casteist people. Likes & shares are just the matter of support & endorsement which is a result of your psychology; those who do not bother to place anything on their walls regarding #BabasahebAmbedkar should introspect their mentality & ask their parents too that what is the reason of their upliftment, development, convenience, accommodation, privileges, luxury & most importantly the rights in their personal, educational & social life, their jobs, businesses. Ask yourself about the freedom you got. If you find it hard, leave the list of #DrAmbedkar's contributions like the RBI, PF, DA, 8 hours work limit, recognition of trade unions, legal strike act, Maternity leave & rights in family property for women, right to divorce & guardianship, equal pay for men & women, building dams & planning the irrigation, water & electricity management for future Indi…