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Struggling Actors must get a chance...

All the people who are struggling to be a new Actor in Entertainment Industry must get atleast one chance to act in some project (films, serials, ads, plays, etc.)
So many people are there, who are not able to perform their skills & some are able to perform, but they do not get any chance. Luckily, some people get a big-break, but some of them are not able to do that work, they also don't deserve that position. But the money do their work & they become successful.
What about poor, middle-class, backward & disabled? Many great personalities of Film Industry says/shows that they are kind-hearted, they have sympathy, they like to do social work. But only in dreams. If a talented person visits them after so many efforts, they simply says "Have you worked before?, if NO then come afterwards". In this cycle, so many years of life are destroyed, doing some another work even having talent!
If we unite & make our own way through our field of interest, we will su…