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Rohith Vemula's death - A youth's perspective

(Note:- This article was written on 30 Januray, but I kept adding points as they came into my mind and confirmed them.)

Today is Rohith Vemula’s birth anniversary. Personally, his death hurt me very badly. Emotionally I was broken from inside. I’m still keeping an eye on every news that comes in that matter. I would call it a “death” because I’ll not call it a suicide nor can claim that he was physically killed, obviously due to the lack of strong evidence. But we can definitely say that it was an “institutional murder”. Ya! This term has become very familiar to us in these days but what is that, how & why it’s done?
Caste-conflict is not an issue of contemporary politics. We’ve to look at the historical wars between Dravids & Aryans and then Brahmins & non-Brahmins. While speaking with some youngsters who presently studies in colleges, I came to know that they think the casteism is a recent thing and has nothing to do with our history and it is limited only to the reserva…