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End of ideology or the consolidation of ideology...

Since few years back, "end of ideology" is the term mostly used by the social activists and intellectuals of this country to depict the compromise in terms of one's own ideology. When many of the politicians as well as social workers are turning to the regressive parties from their former organizations, anyone might think that they're distancing themselves from their own beliefs.
Firstly, we'll understand the ideology of the majority population of the the Hindus in India. As a result of religion and their orthodox beliefs, we know that most of them are the followers of varnashrama & caste system, which is the base of Hinduism. The sacred books of Hinduism preaches patriarchy, conspiracy & violence, which they call it as spirituality. Even if a modern Hindu person, who have embraced the western culture for his/her lifestyle, will not leave behind his so called tradition. The root cause of this issue is an act / culture / teachings / beliefs of "not questioning". So where the dissent itself if considered as a sin, how we're going to come out of the problems of patriarchy, misogyny & violence?

When we say 'end of ideology', we want to portray some unexpected transition of thoughts. But what if we take it other way? I mean, what if we call it 'consolidation of ideology'! For example, a person from any political party like Congress, SP or even CPI or RPI leaves his present party and enters BJP or ShivSena. We'll start saying that this is an 'end of ideology'. Because we have developed a stereotype that a political party has an ideology so the members holds the same. But when they become the member of BJP or ShivSena, we have to look at that person's ideology & not the party's ideology which he/she was a member of. That member might have joined the party for their personal benefits, or I'd rather say mostly only this happens in politics & no one joins it to help people, all are selfish! So coming back to our initial point, when we look at my example, it might sound racist or casteist, but that's the only philosophy of Indian politics. When we check the people who jumps from one party to another, we'll find their ideological root in their religion & caste itself. There's no need to link his/her ideology to his/her party, unless he/she is the founder.

So when we check the personal background of that person, they're grown in their casteist Hindu culture, which they call it as Indian culture. So, in today's context, when someone moves from any political party to BJP or ShivSena, they're just consolidating their ideology & not ending it. The Hindutva forces have succeeded in propagating their idea of Hindutva; and today we can see that any neutral Hindu person thinks that Hindutva is nothing but his "Hinduness". So it becomes easy for those Hindutva brigades to spread their propaganda in the name of Hindu religion, gods & their holy places; which I don't take it as a surprise. They can make it peaceful, but they always make things communal & instigate violence. It is expected from those who don't want to co-exist in such a wonderful diverse & multicultural country. But the challenging onus to emancipate those blank slates is on the progressive movements; 'Ambedkarites' to be precise.

Therefore, when any person who you think is of a particular ideology & she/he will not compromise for it, please think again about the reach of RSS pracharaks in people's homes. No need to get surprised when we see a person changes his political party or any social organization without feeling any shame. Today it is easy to enter BJP/ShivSena saying that there is a scope to get the position, but in real it's their generic ideology working there. The difference in power and position is huge, which we have to learn from Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar; I'll not go into it as it's a different topic. But those jumping from here & there, should think whether they are getting the power or just the position. We, as a responsible citizens of this nation, must think whether we should call it an 'end of ideology' or it's just the 'consolidation of ideology'.

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