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We have many philosophies in the world to embrace. We know philosophers who are known for their precious thoughts of liberty which are globally accepted. From Lord Buddha to Socrates, Lao Tzu & Confucius to Friedrich Nietzsche, Karl Marx to Che Guevara & Fidel Castro, Abraham Lincoln to Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela to Dr. B.R. Ambedkar; each and every part of the world, whether it is America, Africa, Europe or Asia have its own culture which is different from each other but there is a common thing concerned everywhere which is called Freedom. 

In today’s developed world, we see that thinking process of each individual is unique in its own way. May be it is an impact of the interpretation of various philosophies. Also there are many fabrications took place in the name of religion which created aggressive intolerance in the minds of the impuissant people which led to craven bifurcation of communities. There are two major sects in each community, i.e. orthodox and progressive. I think these radical orthodox people are harmful for today’s humanity because they prefer their religion’s law instead of democracy. 

Democracy is a natural freedom for humans, but due to some limitations, it becomes a political system which is essential for controlling everything in its setted region. A person who do not accept the laws of democracy is a threat for his/her own fellow humans. Nowadays, we are experiencing an increased level of religious, social & cultural intolerance. Our society is being more prone to incidents of atrocities on innocent people by fanatics & fundamentalists. 

Un-freedom is a movie, which I saw last year, shows us the reality of the world; the world which sees things with their perspective of culture and religion. We, as an Indian, openly looks & talk on terrorism and hatred environment, which isn’t bad; but the intimate relations, love, romance & sex are like taboo for us. Nowadays, increased intolerance (I wouldn’t say “growing”) is preventing us from speaking our own thoughts in public and on the other hand government is silent on anti-democratic activities. 

I wouldn’t write much about the storyline of the film, rather I’d like to write on its overall impact. I found that this film is the mirror of today’s world. We know how rationalists, atheist or intellectuals are facing threats and being murdered because of their different thought and on the other hand people who are fighting for their basic rights; whether they are farmers, Dalits, Adivasis, minorities, LGBTs, etc. Not a single person received the justice. Every time only the inspections, investigations, research, etc is going on, but no powerful or impactful result came out for these ignored section of the society. 

Each & every part of the film lets us to relate things which we’ve seen or experienced in our life until now. As a creative person, I personally know what does it feel to make changes in your art or edit it according to other’s perspective. Religious fundamentalism and moral policing is the thing which is a threat for free thought and art. Their demand is that they want to watch the film whether it is approved by Censor Board or not, to check whether the film hurts the religious sentiments or not. The person who is being tortured in the film, shows us the present situation of the free thinkers in today’s society. If you have different view from those with radical fanatic thoughts, you are going to suffer from a hatred environment and may be life threats also. 

The other part is about the feelings of two lesbians. All LGBTs are considered to be of bizarre sexual orientation by straight society and is forced to follow the taboo. Such feelings of same sex are natural and others need not to interfere into one’s personal sexual preferences. But they are treated as kinky, dirty and criminals by conservative society. 

Due to such outdated thinking, we’ve seen numerous attacks on couples by fanatic groups. They also record their video to warn other so it’ll never happen again. But the worst situation is what, when the police arrests couples from closed private rooms for “public indecency”. To show affection towards our own loved ones, we’ve to start a protest campaign like “Kiss of love”! Are we living in a democracy of 21st century or in a state where dictating laws like Manusmriti or Sharia is imposed? These parallel fanatic vigilante forces create riots by taking help of politics of vendetta.

Currently, there is a debate of anti-nationalism going on with a new trend of #BharatMataKiJay. This whole row depicts us to force one’s own concept of nationalism onto others. In the history of the world, we’ve seen many forms of powers and governments changing into others. Looking at those scenarios, hyper-nationalism took place when a dictator was being formed. So there is a place to think that something different is going on in politics & power which common man did not know. Otherwise there should not be a space for silly issues like cow & beef, which is taking place on national level today. Although, every citizen is connected to everything in their country, so we’ve to be awakened & become enlightened to think whether it is Freedom or Un-freedom? 

-          Aashit Sable.

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कसले हे बौद्ध...

बौद्ध किंवा बुद्ध हा शब्द "बुद्धी"शी निगडीत आहे. जो व्यक्ती पंचशील पाळून अष्टांग मार्गाचा अवलंब करून बुद्धी प्राप्त करतो तो प्रबुद्ध, जो सर्वोच्च बुद्धी प्राप्त करून सम्यक विचार करतो तो सम्यक संबुद्ध आणि जो त्यांना अनुसरतो तो बौद्ध. आपल्या भारतात डॉ. बाबासाहेब आंबेडकरांना जो बौद्ध धम्म अभिप्रेत होता तो याच अर्थाचा, पण आज भारतातील बौद्ध काय करतात? तर हिंदू देवांना विरोध, हिंदू धर्मातील जातींना विरोध, बुद्धाच्या मूर्तीची महापूजा, बुद्धाला नवस करणे... अरे काय हे...? ज्या बुद्धाने मूर्ती नाकारल्या त्याच्याच मूर्ती उभारल्या, ज्याने देव नाकारला त्याचाच देव केला. पण त्यांनी मानवाच्या जीवनासाठी काय संदेश दिला, काय तत्त्वज्ञान सांगितलं, काय विचार केला, ह्या गोष्टींची मात्र आपल्यात बोंब. हे असं असलं तर लोकांना काय हक्क स्वतःला बौद्ध म्हणायचा... फक्त बुद्ध किंवा बुद्धाची मूर्ती आवडत असल्याने कोणी बौद्ध होत नाही, त्यांचे विचार आपण आत्मसात केले पाहिजेत.
 डॉ. बाबासाहेब आंबेडकरांनी जेव्हा भारतात बौद्ध धम्माचे पुनरुज्जीवन केले तेव्हा त्यांनी लोकांना बावीस प्रतिज्ञा दिल्या, त्या कशासाठी? त…